World Class School

World Class School

In summer term 2015, a group of students began working towards the prestigious award, the ‘World Class Schools Quality Mark’ (WCSQM). Assessors rigorously reviewed each element of our submission to WCSQM:

  • Our Academy’s 2014 KS4 publicly available performance data
  • Our students’ self-audit report, including areas such as exam results, learning opportunities, leadership, and careers opportunities
  • Our whole-school video submission, showcasing lessons, events and other strengths of daily Academy life
  • The performance of our students at a specially arranged assessment centre event, where they cleared a garden area, installed a new pond adn published a video and an article about it in less than one day.

We are delighted to announce that Chelsea Academy exceeded the standard required for accreditation, and therefore has been awarded the World Class Schools Quality Mark.

We would like to express just how impressively our students performed over the past 18 week process and we are very proud of them, so huge congratulations to the team:

Ali , Kane, Tabia, Jaysim, Lukasz, Elif, Tanya and Titus.

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