One of the sponsors of Chelsea Academy is the Church of England and their educational vision is based on a long history of successful church involvement in the educational, social and spiritual development of young people. This vision is one of service to all people of whatever faith background.


The daily life of the Academy presents opportunities for students to learn about Christian beliefs and engage in acts of worship, under the leadership of senior staff. There is a chapel for prayer, small services and personal reflection within the Academy building. The Academy has close relationships with local church leaders, and students visit churches nearby as part of the Religious Education syllabus, and to celebrate the major festivals in the Christian calendar.

The Academy has an inclusive atmosphere in which students of different faith traditions and world views learn to share their perspectives with confidence and respect. Students of all faiths, and those of no faith, are just as much at home in the Academy as those from Christian backgrounds. This Christian Academy, by teaching those of different faiths to learn about and from each other, helps to foster the mutual regard and tolerance needed in a modern multi-cultural society.

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