Welcome to Chelsea Academy.

We are an outstanding Academy sponsored by both the Church of England and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. We opened in September 2009 and are now full with over 800 students wanting a place in year 7 each year. We are proud of our high academic standards but also that, through our guiding Christian ethos, we develop the whole child into someone who will be successful in the real world. We are a happy and inclusive community and visitors always comment on the purposeful and welcoming atmosphere of the Academy. Through our science specialism we ensure that every student has a thorough understanding of science and offer a unique range of scientific opportunities and visitors to students from year 7 through to year 13. The news section of the website and our twitter feed are regularly updated with these stories.

This website holds a range of information no matter your interest in the Academy. Parents, please visit the Parent Portal, which has content specifically for you. If you are interested in joining us as a member of staff, then the recruitment section has what you need. Current students and staff can access emails, calendars and google drive through the Chelsea Academy Learning Cloud (CALC) logon from the homepage.

When the Academy opened in 2009 we wanted to ensure that students had access to the best teaching, achieved academic success and were given the tools and opportunities to become outstanding members of society. We are still committed to this vision and want to ensure that all of our students not only go onto to the best universities in the country but are also strong, moral and fair citizens. We ensure that our students complete voluntary work, have the opportunity to travel the world and know the difference between right and wrong. All of this is taught under a clear moral framework guided by Christian values of forgiveness, joy, perseverance, charity and servant leadership.  This is important to us as school is a place to learn about all aspects of the world as well as about oneself.

To ensure that students achieve academic excellence we have a longer school day than most other local schools. Each day (apart from Wednesday) is made up of six, 55 minute lessons. Our curriculum is broad in year 7 and year 8, allowing students to discover subjects such as dance and languages before they choose GCSE options at the end of year 8. We ensure that all students study English, Maths and Science in depth and offer early GCSE entry for those with talents in these areas.

I am very proud to lead Chelsea Academy and my staff and I want to ensure that every young person that attends our Academy is happy and successful. Please feel free to arrange a visit to the Academy or to contact us for further information.

Matt Williams, Principal, Chelsea Academy