Academic Update

Academic Update

Dear Parents / Carers,


Progress Checks

As you know, many of our students have had their HT1 (Half Term 1)  assessments and will receive progress checks in year 7, 11, 12 and 13. Year 7 will receive information about their Attitude to LEarning (AtL) and year 11-13 will also receive information about their current attainment and progress.  Some details on the content of these reports are below.



  • Targets:


    • Students perform much better when they have an aspirational target to work towards but can be demotivated but targets that are too high. We therefore have two targets within the Academy.
      • Minimum Expected grade: This is the minimum you should be achieving for your ability in that specific subject to put you in the top 20% of the country for your ability
      • Aspirational Grade: This is the grade you should be aiming for and puts you in the top 5% of the country for your ability


  • Attainment and Progress Data:


    • Most recent assessment grade: This is what you achieved it your last assessment. It in not necessarily your current working grade as it depends what the nature of your last assessment was.
    • Professional Prediction: This is what you teacher genuinely believes you will get in the summer if you keep doing what you are doing. Grades are sub-levelled as + or –
      • This is a professional opinion based on:
        • Knowledge/experience of how students progress
        • Knowledge of the interventions that will be in place
        • That student’s work ethic and commitment to exams
        • Assessment data


  • Attitude to Learning:
    • Attitude to learning is divided into three categories:
      • Behaviour
      • Effort
      • IL (Independent Learning)
  • You will be given a score for each:
    • Excellent 
    • Good
    • Some concerns
    • Serious concerns




World Class School

As you all know, we are one of only 16 World Class Schools in the country. This is a wonderful achievement. The award’s uniqueness lies in the fact that the students are assessed with regard to whether they are World Class or not, rather than the school itself. The premise is, that if the school is truly World Class, then its students should be able to demonstrate this in whatever context they find themselves. And last week in Coventry as part of the programme, 2 of our students have been training other students and staff to become assessors and 1 of our students is on her journey to become an assessor.

“The student assessors blew me away. They are just operating at the highest level of competence.” Alex Green, Schools  Programme Manager at Ashden LESS CO2.



Please remember to point your child into the direction of GCSEPOD, especially for year 10/11 revision. Each pod is a bite-sized lesson across most of our GCSE courses available for students not only to listen to, but also to download onto their laptops or mobile phones. They are an excellent way to catch up, prepare or simply revise. Here are some tips from GCSEPOD…

Exam weeks reminder
We would like to remind you that the assessment fortnight for Years 7-10 and 12-13 will run from Monday 10th to Friday 21st December, during which time Year 11 will also have their full mock exams. Assessments will be based around the contents of the whole term’s work, so it is worth students’ while beginning their revision well in advance. Revision materials will be provided for all students by their teachers in advance of these key assessments.


Exam weeks for all students take place two weeks prior to the end of each end full term (December, March/April and July). In addition, year 11 and the 6th form have additional assessment fortnights before the end of each half term. These are located on the calendar on the Academy Website.

The extended curriculum
There are already a large number of students taking part in the 83 clubs we have on offer this term. The extended curriculum activities take place before, during and after school. Please see our full range of activities on the Academy website by selecting: Academy Life > Extended Curriculum > What’s On This Term or follow this link…


What’s On This Term

We would ideally like all students to get involved with the extended curriculum, so please do look through what is on offer and encourage your child to get involved either with something they know they enjoy or something they have never tried before.

Many thanks,


Mr Ainsworth
Acting Vice Principal – Curriculum

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