Academic Update – 14th December 2018

Academic Update – 14th December 2018

Dear Parents / Carers,

Just two messages for the final Academic Update of 2018.

Assessment Feedback
Whether your son / daughter is in Year 7 sitting their first end of term exams, or in Year 13 in the build up to the final stages of their time at Chelsea Academy, the advice is the same. I would strongly encourage you to ask your children for their exam papers so that they can explain to you what went well for them, and most importantly, what the key areas are that they need to improve. Many things change in terms of teaching, curriculum content and the actual subjects we study, but this particular strategy will never get old and will always make a big impact. Many students are often in a hurry to move on, and are not that interested in ‘going back over work’, but applying this self-discipline is one of the most significant factors in improving students’ performance, especially with assessments.

Smartparent Weekly Email Digest
For those of you using Smartparent, you will be pleased to know that you will now be able to receive a weekly email digest from Smartparent giving you all the information you need about your child, their set independent learning tasks, achievements and behaviours over the course of the week. This means you get all the information you need without logging in.

If you haven’t started using Smartparent yet and would like to have access online to your child’s independent learning tasks, timetables, calendars, achievement points and behaviour points, please email Mrs Ayeni at the following email address:, who will collate all the responses and send you log in details after the Christmas break.

All that’s left to say is we hope you have a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Many thanks,

Mr Ainsworth
Acting Vice Principal – Curriculum


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