Academic Update

Academic Update

Dear Parent (s) / Carer (s),

SAM Learning

Don’t forget that all students have free and unlimited access to SAM Learning, which is particularly helpful to go back over and master topics they have covered. SAM Learning can be particularly useful if your child is absent for any period of time, allowing them to stay in touch with relevant topics covered in lessons. The login details for all students are as follows:

Centre ID: SW1CA

User ID: Your child’s date of birth, followed by their 2 initials in capital letters

Password: the same as their User ID

Example – Charlotte Church, whose date of birth is 23rd March 2005


Mr.Cragg can reset passwords if required, so please do email if there are any issues.

In addition, it is worth noting that the highest SAM Learning users in each year group (also known as SAM Learning champions!) will receive £10 Amazon vouchers.

Exam week

We would like to remind you that exams week for years 7-10 is from Monday 20th to Friday 24th March, and will be based around the contents of the whole term’s work, so it is worth students’ while beginning their revision well in advance.

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