Academic Update

Academic Update

Summer Learning

In the past, both British and American studies (Barnados and The Institute for Public Policy Research) have shown that students’ learning can go backwards over the long summer holidays, especially for students from low income families. In turn, this leads to bigger gaps opening up between the progress of students from these different groups when they arrive back at school in September. However, this certainly does not have to be the case for Chelsea Academy students.

Of course it is vitally important to relax, spend time with friends and family, and refresh ourselves away from the school environment, but here is my suggested list of things to do that will keep students happy and their brains fresh:

  • Go somewhere new in London
  • Go somewhere new outside London
  • Learn a new language – the apps Babel or Memrise are great for this
  • Practise an instrument or sing
  • Go on a summer camp
  • Do lots of sport and try out a new activity
  • Read
  • Write a blog or a poem
  • Paint or draw
  • Instead of spending hours on video games, spend hours on learning how to code
  • Learn a new skill (plastering, sewing, gardening, calligraphy, etc)
  • Put something into your local community – do some volunteer work
  • For students who joined Chelsea Academy late or who feel that they are behind, do some catch-up work to avoid a feeling of panic in September. SAM Learning gives students access to loads of free resources.

Years 11 and 12

Universities are always looking for applicants not only with the right grades, but also with the right life experience, so try to find some additional work experience during the summer holidays. Some of the Year 11 students have already been working in high profile London businesses and companies, and this will make them stand out when it comes to making UCAS applications.

Whatever you all do, I wish you a happy, safe and enriching summer holiday. Thank you for following my updates this year, and I will be back in September with more thoughts and ideas.


Mr T Cragg
Vice Principal – Curriculum

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