Awards Evening

Awards Evening

Congratulations to many of our students on yet another successful awards evening that took place on Thursday 13th October.   Awards evening is about all those young people at Chelsea Academy who have excelled academically last year.  It is an opportunity for us to celebrate and recognise their talents and their absolute commitment to learning.

The evening would not have been possible without the hard work of many staff.  Thanks to all the teaching and associate staff at the Academy for their total dedication to every student.

We were delighted to welcome Dr Mark Richards from the Physics Department at Imperial College as our guest speaker this year. Mark studied Chemistry for his degree and then went on to complete a PhD in Physics before working in finance. He returned to academia and is now a senior fellow at Imperial, and works in Outreach work for the Physics Department. Mark spoke about how he got interested in Science whilst at school and the importance of being true to yourself rather than how others perceive you. He talked about his research into spectroscopy, and how through understanding waves in the context of light waves it improved his skills and abilities as a DJ when mixing audio tracks. You can find out more about Mark Richards here and listen to his remixes here

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