Careers are QUALITY at Chelsea Academy

Careers are QUALITY at Chelsea Academy

We are so passionate about relating the curriculum to the world of work across the academy that we are currently applying for accreditation by the ‘Quality In Careers’ award.

There’s tons to celebrate. This term alone in Key Stage 3 we have had Year 7 doing The Real Game in PD lessons and Year 8 choosing their options with our revamped options process. Year 9 are exploring ‘Careers’ for a whole half term as part of PSHE, Year 10 out on work experience and Year 11 navigating the most important transition that they will face, with the help of post-16 options day! That’s not even counting sixth form who have had Future Pathways day, connecting them to Student alumni at various Universities, teaching them about the new attractive option of Degree Apprenticeships, and helping them to start the UCAS process.

It’s a great time to start ticking off your entitlement sheets- these show you the vast range of employer contact and careers related activities you will be offered during each Key Stage. You will see them up around the building and be asked about them in coaching time. Make sure you are aware of your entitlement and are working hard towards it.

It’s an action packed term so keep an eye on Twitter to see the highlights- and (fingers crossed) look out for a brand new shiny ‘Quality In Careers’ plaque in September!

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