Harry Potter Book Night

Harry Potter Book Night

Last Thursday we held our annual Harry Potter Book Night, which was a huge success. Students entered, but only after uttering the secret password used to enter Dumbledore’s office (sherbert lemon).  They then gathered around to be sorted into their Houses by the Sorting Hat in our Sorting Ceremony. Once their fates had been decided, the students embarked on an evening of competitive games and creativity, including Table Quidditch, Pin the Scar on Harry and photobooth fun.

We rounded off the evening with The Hogwarts Quiz, spectacularly won by André in Year 7 with an over 800 point lead, and Amelie in Year 8 who stole the spotlight as a fantastic Luna Lovegood in the Costume Parade.

A special thanks to Ms Thomson, Ms Bradley, Ms Hopkins, Ms Fearon and Mr Boyd-Harte who helped the evening run smoothly.

Miss Allen
LRC Manager

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