Heston Blumenthal at Chelsea Academy

Heston Blumenthal at Chelsea Academy

Students taking the new GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition course had an early start on 14th November when world famous chef Heston Blumenthal visited with a film crew from ITV’s Good Morning Britain and a reporter with the Telegraph.  The purpose of the visit was to promote the new OCR course and its focus on scientific understanding of food as well as high quality cooking skills.  Students in Year 9 have been studying this course since the beginning of September and our visitors wanted to find out about what we have been doing and how the students are enjoying it.

The students made one of Heston’s soup recipes and two types of bread. They carried out an investigation into how yeast works when making bread rise. Nuri was a star of the show when he demonstrated and explained how the yeast works.  Angela told the journalists that she wants to have her own business and thought the visit was exciting and although it made her nervous it was fun.  Waqas enjoyed talking to the film crew, told them that he aspires to be a chef and thought that meeting Heston was very exciting and he wants to be like him. Amir said it was a great experience meeting someone who has achieved a lot in cooking.

The students were amazing and were great ambassadors for the Academy as well as for our new GCSE course.  We were shown how to chop an onion at superfast speed and all of us agreed that the mushroom soup was amazing!

The ITV footage is available on the ITV Hub in the Good Morning Britain programme of 28th November and appears at 2hours 4 minutes into the show.

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