Jack Petchey Award Winners- 2017 / 2018

Jack Petchey Award Winners- 2017 / 2018

Chelsea Academy are extremely proud of our Jack Petchey Award winners for the academic year 2017/2018. The students who received this prestigious award were:


Student Name Month  Reason for nomination:
Delora D Sep      

She has been an amazing best friend to me for the past two years. I went through a hard time at home and intense anxiety but she was always there for me with no judgement what so ever. I would not be in the position I am right now if it wasn’t for her believing in me and always being there to listen. She is so passionate for her future and her career ambitions as a lawyer. She works her absolute hardest and I am so proud of her, as well as proud to call her my best friend.

She deserves the award because she has been a servant leader – she would never let her friends down, she is always full of joy and happiness and will make you laugh even when you feel like you have hit rock bottom, she has demonstrated perseverance though her hard work and passion for her future carrier. She is always ready to give up her last penny for charity. Last but not least she is forgiving and always understanding. She deserves this more than anyone.

Eliza H Oct This student has overcome significant personal barriers throughout the last year to achieve above and beyond what was expected of her in her English GCSEs. She truly pushed past every hurdle, despite difficult circumstances, so that nothing would stand in the way of the success she deserves – and managed to achieve two 9 grades – whilst also being a kind, respectful and polite member of our school community to everyone she meets. She is a real role model for all students.
Danni M Nov

She helped me when I was really upset in school. Further more, she gave me really good advice on how to forget about certain issues and helped me get on with my homework. She is a helpful student and new to the sixth form but has fit in so well with everyone here just by being kind and helping everyone out when they need something.

This student had recently helped a young girl in a lower year in a severe case of bullying. She asked me which teacher to go to and then I witnessed her doing all she could for the young girl in Year 10. She updated me continuously on what was happening to her and eventually got it dealt with Ms Williams. To me, this is being a really good role model and this is mainly why I believe she deserves this award. Although she is new to the sixth form, for someone to do this in a new school where she knew no teachers is remarkable and exemplary behaviour.

Chwas R Jan

This student has had a direct impact on the attainment of other students in the Sixth Form. He is a hugely positive role model who encourages others to work independently and make the most of their study time. He is an ambassador for the Social Mobility Foundation and has delivered assemblies encouraging his peers. He has been captain of the football team for seven years and has gone out of his way to gain amazing work experience placements at Julius Bare financial services.

Throughout his time at the Academy this student has turned himself around from being disaffected and disengaged to getting some of the best predicted A-Level grades in the year group. He has avoided negative peer group influences and consciously chosen a more ambitious path. Not only is he doing this for himself, but in doing so he actively inspires others. He will go far and we will miss him next year.

Sara X Feb

She has shown bravery and commitment in setting up the Rose Delivery service (for Valentine’s day) in which all profits go to charity, highlighting that her aspirations are to benefit all or the less fortunate, not just herself. Starting and setting up events like these in school is normally very difficult but her attitude towards it is astonishing. Putting in lots of hours and preparation to make things happen and at a high standard. This is the second year running that she is doing this event, meaning that her leadership skills and dedication are no fluke.

She is always consistent and sets a perfect example to younger students. She has been an excellent role model, helping her peers and motivating them. She is organising the valentines day rose delivery, where she is donating all the profits to a charity, which shows she is kind-hearted. She is very devoted and one of the only people I have seen to try her absolute best to achieve her goals, no matter the challenges in her way. She is the most welcoming, understanding and heart-warming person and she perseveres when times get rough.

Ayse K Mar I’ve never met a person as generous, committed and kind as this student. She’s been a massive help to the LRC since she joined in Year 7, joining many clubs and helping out at evenings out of her own time. She doesn’t get much recognition for all of the wonderful things she does for our Academy and winning this would be the ultimate reward for her kind and selfless actions. She is a true role model.
Ali J Apr

He taught us (a group of six) Further maths GCSE in a very short amount of time by himself.

Helping many students with maths, devoting hours to teach students maths after school and in his own time, no matter when you ask, he will always help.

I believe Ali deserves a lot more recognition for the things he does every single day. Every single day he helps so many of us. I would say he goes above and beyond when it comes to helping others but I don’t think that does justice to his actions. He has helped so many of us improve academically and also he constantly motivates us all which is especially important this year. He does so much for everyone, that we often think that we don’t deserve to be helped by someone so kind and selfless like him. He also works tirelessly daily to improve his own knowledge and abilities. I think he is a perfect role model for everyone in the academy and he is exactly what a perfect Chelsea academy student should be like. If all people were like him, the world would be a far better place.

Mohamed A May

Mohamed has been peer teaching his chemistry class in his own time, often taking time to prepare sessions to help them learn Chemistry. He has organised these sessions and is using his experience of resitting the year in the most positive way possible. His commitment to his fellow students is inspiring.

Mohamed has been an excellent student and has not only focused on himself, he has spent hours and hours peer teaching other Year 12 Chemistry students after school without any members of staff asking him to.

Mohamed has been making significant progress this year, achieving fantastic mock results and has been helpful after school by tutoring others on topics that they find difficult. He’s an amazing guy who helped me a lot with chemistry by setting up his own revision sessions.

Mohamed has dedicated a large proportion of his time teaching my chemistry class after school, going over key topics and techniques (taking in our suggestion of topics) to make sure that we are ready for the upcoming exams. He is consistently committed to helping us, making sure that no one is left behind as well as making sure that we are upbeat for revision at the end of a tiring day. He has great patience and experience when teaching. Spending his own time and money on these sessions shows that he would rather see the class succeed as one than some passing and some failing and he means it. This is a thank you to him.

Mohamed is one of the most dedicated students and people I have ever met. Having known him for just less than a year, the passion he conveys about the worlds issues and ways to fix them is exceptional. His scientific mind only opens the barriers of the future’s sustainability. This is why I’m nominating him for the award, as I know that with a small sum of money he will change his chosen academic department for the better.

Volunteered and dedicated his time on Tuesdays and Thursdays to give our Year 12 class chemistry tutoring in order for us to do well in our upcoming As exams.

Honestly where can I even start to explain the amount of things Mohamed has done for me? After the mocks, Mohamed was continuously texting me notes on what I hadn’t been able to understand in class and has helped me within minutes of me asking him about any topic. Mohamed is a great character and student and I hope you will award him this title.

Muntasir U Jun                  

He is very funny, very motivating and encourages people. He is a good listener and takes care of his friends.

He is such a great person, he will go out of his way whatever it takes to help people out, anyone including teachers, and is always there for you when you need advice.

He is selfless, compassionate, funny and deserves the recognition for being someone everyone needs in their lives. It’s no surprise everyone knows him.

He helped me through a deep personal problem and has been a good mentor and role model for me who definitely deserves this award. He is such a smart, kind, funny and genuinely a really well-rounded person who goes to great lengths to either help overcome a personal barrier or to offer advice and assistance to all his friends and is always there when we need someone to talk to. He is considerate, thoughtful and generous daily and he honestly  just gives off the best vibes that makes you feel so welcomed and at ease when talking to him.

Adel B

JP Leader Award winner 2018

Despite only being in his second year of his Teach First course Adel has found the time to provide outstanding extra curricular opportunities for his students. From leading the Grocers team to present their excellent app idea ‘Fridge’ to bringing in town planners to run a competition on site. He also runs trips over seas (to Bosnia) and in the UK (Cadbury world). At weekends he will often support students at their sporting events. He also goes out of his way to support students academically, organising for university students and examiners to come and deliver additional content. I really enjoy being Adel’s NQT mentor, he frequently seeks and then acts on feedback. He is a natural teacher and an inspirational learning coach. Adel goes above and beyond every day, which is why I wanted to nominate him.


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