KS3 Rewards Trip to Science Museum

KS3 Rewards Trip to Science Museum

On Wednesday 13 July, the finalists of last year’s KS3 fair attended a rewards trip to the Science Museum for their outstanding Science projects. They visited the new interactive gallery on “Who am I?” where they learned various aspects of human genetics, the ways that scientists study the brain, theories of intelligence. they had fun remodeling their faces as a teenager and as an old person!

In the new “Atmosphere gallery” they played various interactive games on how to run a whole city on a limited supply of electricity, found out about the importance of the Carbon cycle in nature and saw a hydrogen fueled car of the future. All of this will give them a head start in their GCSE studies next year!

In the revamped “Materials gallery” they walked across a specially engineered glass bridge and saw clothing made from recycled materials. We ended the day with cookies and icecream. Many congratulations to the following pupils who won and took part to the trip: David Busk, Anouk De groot Van Embden, Rita Ghimire, Aya Najib, William Sakyi, Anita Salihu, Jack Tothill, Martin Vukovic, Sara Xhelilaj, Rayan Zeidan, Cesar Medina and Adrienne Scott.

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