Review: ‘A Monster Calls’

Review: ‘A Monster Calls’

On Wednesday 15th March, a selected group of Year 8s were invited to watch “A Monster Calls”, a recently released film about the fight for the main character’s mother’s illness, directed by J. A. Bayona and written by Patrick Ness, based on his novel of the same name.

The cinema in which the film was being screened, The Gate Cinema in Notting Hill, was appreciated by the students for its cheerful service and authentic atmosphere, as well as the fact that the room was reserved for Chelsea Academy Year 8 students. As one student stated, “The cinema really took advantage of its established feel to give me an exceptional experience”.

The film itself captivated all, with its impeccable and often enthralling acting; the impressive visual effects that occurred contemporaneously. One of the main arguments for the films distinction, was its ability to link and relate relevant issues today, such as terminal cancer, to fictional entities such as “The Monster”, played by Liam Neeson; to quote Jack Harris, the film was “hard hitting”. Additionally, the film’s intriguing animated scenes, which appeared in abundance throughout, were enjoyed by many for their complex emotional connection, with a simplistic 2D style of animation. As another student mentioned, the animation was “a masterpiece of cinema”.

Overall, “A Monster Calls” was a deeply emotional film that was respected by many of the students who went, chiefly for its marriage of fact and fiction; the fascinating, yet simplistic scenes that occurred concurrently.

Giles H.
Year 8

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