Juniper Hall 2018

Juniper Hall 2018

Juniper Hall Field Trip – Yr 12 Biology – MBS

This term all of our year 12 students braved the cold and survived a successful Field Trip to Juniper Hall. Situated next to Box Hill in Surrey, we had a beautiful location for a couple of days of Fieldwork, which we are required to complete for our practical endorsement in our A-Level Biology. Our Fieldwork included measuring many variables in coppiced and mature woodlands and also measuring the abundance of river creatures, comparing this to variables which students had chosen. Students also enjoyed other activities whilst we were there too, such as setting humane mammal traps overnight and checking them in the morning to see what they had caught! It was the first time for many students to get so up-close to tiny mammals and was a special experience for them all. We look forward to going back next year!

Yr 7 Juniper Hall visit with King’s College London – SGL

In conjunction with the King’s College PGCE teaching training programme, our Year 7 students had a chance to experience being a Field Biologist for the day at Juniper Hall! In the morning they donned wellies and waterproofs and set off to locate landmarks using map- reading skills and solving clues. They walked around various habitats looking at plant diversity. After lunch they enjoyed pond-dipping, collecting a variety of water invertebrates. Back in the lab, they examined these with high power microscopes, drawing and  identifying them. They analysed the pH of the water in the pond and discussed acid rain and pollution indicators. Later, they went on a mini-beast hunt in the woods discovering lots of creepy crawlies! They learned the importance of field biologists treating animals and their habitats with respect. A quick look at the goats ended an exhausting but fun-filled day!

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