Shakespeare Schools Festival

Shakespeare Schools Festival

Every year there is an annual Shakespeare Schools Festival, it consists of over 1000 schools across the country performing in professional theatres a half hour version of one of Shakespeare’s texts and receive valuable feedback from industry professionals.

This year Chelsea Academy was featured in a performance of ‘The Winter’s Tale’ at the Shaw Theatre on Tuesday 3rd November. Our cast of Sixth From students (many of whom are not even drama students but simply very talented individuals!) and Alex, our brave Year 7, did amazingly well in performing this work. Maali Khan-Stokes, who played Paulina, has told us about this experience:

“At the beginning of Shakespeare schools I was somewhat skeptical towards it; however by the end I was so pleased that I did pick it as my enrichment. Throughout the process I made some new friends and really felt like it benefited me in developing my acting skills by performing on a Central London theatre stage, as well as deepening my understanding of Shakespeare. My favourite part of the entire experience would have to be the final performance at The Shaw Theatre and just how amazing it felt to have performed in front of so many people as well as the feeling of accomplishment after completing it all. I think Mrs Tomlinson did a great job in creating such an amazing final piece in a short space of time, and I highly recommend this enrichment for anyone who enjoys drama or Shakespeare. It was such an amazing experience and I will definitely be picking this next year.”

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