Teachers’ efforts lead to students’ success

Teachers’ efforts lead to students’ success

This year, our school musical chosen by the most amount of votes was Calamity Jane. I’d never heard of the play before but I knew that I wanted to audition as every year is better than the one before! As the audition process came to and end, the atmosphere in the studio was tense as the results were revealed, but everyone got a perfectly suited role and our 5 month journey of Calamity Jane began.

Our whole cast rehearsals took place every Thursday and every member of the cast took it to their own responsibility and made sure they attended every rehearsal. Some rehearsals were intense and hard to get through but without them the play wouldn’t have been as successful as it was. All the cast members from all years made great friends from spending so much time together and some true friendship bonds were formed as both students and teachers spent quality time together. Teachers were literally the most patient people in the world trying to give us precise notes and useful tips for performing and shining through our characters. At the start of the play we had nothing but a stage but as the time progressed, Miss Tomlinson, along with Titus and the stage managers went on to a huge props warehouse to rent us the best decorations to sugar coat the whole play.

In conclusion, what was seen on stage had a HUGE amount of time and effort gone into backstage and I’m sure that I can safely say on the behalf of everyone in the cast and the audience that without the help of the teachers at the Arts Department, we would not have had a show as brilliant as Calamity Jane was! Thank you so much to Miss Tomlinson, Mr Redfearn, Mr Hill and Miss Hetherington for all of your effort every rehearsal on the countdown to Calamity!

Elif (Year 10)

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