It is important for students to experience a smooth transition from Primary to Secondary education and to a new and exciting curriculum. From 2016, Key Stage 3 students embarked upon a new curriculum, which is preparing them for the new GCSE courses in terms of content and skills.

The Chelsea Academy ‘3Cert’

Since September 2016, Chelsea Academy students have been studying towards Key Stage 3 courses called ‘3Certs’ (where 3 stands for Key Stage 3 and Cert stands for certificate, as students will be working towards certificates). 3Certs are designed to be a thorough preparation for GCSE qualifications and give the curriculum a distinctive ‘Secondary school feel’. Students will feel that expectations have been raised from Primary school level, both in terms of the knowledge and skills required for success. There is no time for students to tread water and it will not be possible for Key Stage 3 to be ‘the wasted years’, as referred to by Ofsted in 2014.

Each subject on the students’ timetable is a Key Stage 3 course, with key assessment points at the end of every term. These carefully planned summative tests will assess whether or not students have a mastery of particular skills and content. It is vital that students have a regular opportunity to practise the type of exam-style exercises and revision skills that will be essential for success in Years 11 and 13.

Running Key Stage 3 subjects as courses will raise the aspirations of students in Years 7 and 8, especially since students will be presented with a certificate detailing all of their grades at a specially arranged 3Cert results day event. This event mirrors the experience they will have on completion of Key Stages 4 and 5. The fact that students receive a certificate for Key Stage 3 will mean they have something tangible from Key Stage 3 and a sense of ‘graduating’ from Key Stage 3 to 4.

The Chelsea Academy 3CERT KS3 Curriculum Handbook can be found here.

Click on the individual subjects below to find all that you need to support your son / daughter with their 3Cert learning. Here you will find:

  • Curriculum overviews, giving a snapshot of learning over the course of the two year Key Stage
  • ‘I can statements’ for every term, detailing exactly what the key learning objectives are week by week
  • Reading lists and resources to support students and parents in embedding and extending learning.

Design and Technology
Modern Foreign Languages
Personal Development / Citizenship
Physical Education
Religious Education

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