U14 Girls Netball Paris Trip 30th March- 4th April 2016

U14 Girls Netball Paris Trip 30th March- 4th April 2016

On Wednesday 30th March the U14 netball team embarked on a 12 hour journey to Paris to participate in an international netball tournament. The team consisted of the following players, Kacey Mclean, Isabella Annett, Katarina Stojsavljevic, Tallulah Honour- Brown, Tanya Dhliwayo, Kelechi Okorie, Amelia Van ‘Tlam, Scarlett Gell-Walker, Jalaja Sales Mercado, Abigail Shewangezaw, Jemelia Gibson, Yasmin El-Jonsafi, Azka Rathur and Kahina Sadd.

The girls played all the teams within their pool on day one, these games consisted of a variety of different abilities, some games they won with ease and others were a little more challenging. On day two they were coached through different sessions focusing on the skills needed for a successful game, the girls learned a great deal in these sessions, all of which were a massive contribution towards their final games the following day. Day three was the day of finals and the team was extremely successful within their plate league. The games were tough but they used their experience and their confidence to play incredibly well, winning all of their games, taking them through to the 1st and 2nd play off!! The final game was tough. the oppositions were a very finely tuned team with impeccable timing and fluidity. However, the girls did not let this put them off; they stepped up to the marked and played their absolute best, especially using the skills learned the day before. Unfortunately luck was not on their side, they lost the game by a mere 5 goals. Finishing second in our league was a fantastic achievement and the girls worked so hard to get there.

Beside the netball experience, the team spent their afternoons and evenings in The Disneyland Park, where hours were spent going around on the rides and watching the fabulous parades. They had dinner out in the park each night and enjoyed having free time for themselves.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the trip, the girls were an absolute pleasure to take away, and they represented Chelsea Academy with the upmost pride and dignity. Well done to all who came on the trip and congratulations for your second place.

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